Football Camps

Camps play an essential role in the recruiting process for prospective college football players. Events like those listed below provide athletes the opportunity to gain exposure to more coaches, get verified measureables and improve their position specific skills. This page provides a list of camps and combines where athletes can improve their prospects for getting recruited.

What to Expect at Football Camps, Combines and Showcases

We list a wide range of event types in our search results. Below is an explanation of the different types of camps/combines and what to expect from each.

  • Third Party Combines – These are the events where athletes go to get the measureables like 40 time, vertical jump, broad jump, etc. There are many excellent free combines where athletes can get the type of verified numbers coaches need to make initial evaluations.
  • Third Party Camps and Showcases (competition) – The goal of these camps is to have top level recruits compete against one another so scouts and coaches can evaluate them. Very rarely in high school football to top ranked recruits play one another. These events fix that problem by having the best of the best compete and get evaluated. Other common names for these types of events are 7-on-7 Tournaments, Lineman/Bigman Camps, QB Camps or Kicking/Punting Camps.
  • Third Party Camps (training) – The goal of these camps are to provide expert instruction from elite coaches and staff. Don’t expect to go to this event and come away with new recruiting interest and exposure (though it does happen). These are excellent events for athletes looking to improve their position specific skills.
  • University Camps – These are the single or multiple day camps hosted by individual universities to evaluate potential recruits. These events offer a mix of instruction and competition where the coaching staff can get a look at specific recruits.

Every year a handful of recruits get discovered at these camps. Better than going to a schools camp and expecting to get discovered is to establish contact with the staff, provide them film and get an official invite to the camps so they know you are coming.

The above list of events is a high level introduction to the different types of camps and combines in the football recruiting process. Any individual event can be a mix of the above, with competition and instruction going on at the same time. The best advice is do your homework and have a purpose for each event you attend.